Invited Talks

Talks of the GPSD 2021 are organised in 14 sections. During the conference week there will be 60 minute sessions consisting of

  • live invited talks of 20 minutes,

  • live discussions of contributed prerecorded videos (availabe before and during the conference on a separate YouTube channel).

Researchers of all levels are very welcome to participate in the discussions with or without own contributions! If you have never contributed a prerecorded talk to a conference, check out the suggestions collected here.

The following talks are already confirmed:


1. Stochastic analysis (Chairs: Max von Renesse, Mathias Beiglböck)

2. Spatial stochastics and random structures (Chairs: Peter Mörters, Matthias Reitzner)

Mathew Penrose (Bath)

3. Limit theorems, large deviations and extremes (Chairs: Anja Janssen, Hanna Döring)

Claudia Klüppelberg (München)

Marco Oesting (Stuttgart)

Giovanni Peccati (Luxembourg)

Martin Wendler (Masgdeburg)

4. Finance, insurance and risk: Modelling (Chairs: Kathrin Glau, Thomas Mikosch)

Laurence Carassus (Reims)

Paul Embrechts (Zurich)

Christian Furrer (Kopenhagen)

Agnes Handwerk

Birgit Rudloff (Vienna)

Luitgard Veraart (London)

Mario Wüthrich (Zurich)

5. Finance, insurance and risk: Statistics (Chairs: Jeanette Wörner, Johanna Ziegel)

Natalie Nolde (Vancouver)

Kirstin Strokorb (Cardiff)

6. Stochastic modelling in biology (Chairs: Maite Wilke Berenguer, Martin Möhle)

Jere Koskela (Warwick)

Cornelia Pokalyuk (Frankfurt)

Arno Siri-Jégousse (Mexico City)

Charline Smadi (Grenoble)

7. Stochastic modelling in physics and engineering (Chairs: Silke Rolles, Volker Betz)

Lisa Hartung (Mainz)

Roland Bauerschmidt (Cambridge)

Daniel Ueltschi (Warwick)

8. Stochastic optimization and operations research (Chairs: Nicole Bäuerle, Hanspeter Schmidli)

Fred Espen Benth (Oslo)

Julia Eisenberg (Wien)

Agnès Sulem (Paris)

Stefan Thonhauser (Graz)

9. Stochastic processes: Theory and statistics (Chairs: Mark Podolskij, Alexander Schnurr)

Carsten Chong (New York)

Markus Bibinger (Würzburg)

Ester Mariucci (Versailles)

Andreas Basse-O'Connor (Aarhus)

Franziska Kühn (Dresden)

10. Time series (Chairs: Carsten Jentsch, Axel Bücher)

Ivan Kojadinovic (Pau)

Efstathios Paparoditis (Nicosia)

Suhasini Subba Rao (College Station)

11. Statistical learning and computational statistics (Chairs: Nicole Mücke, Michael Vogt)

Alexandra Carpentier (Magdeburg/Potsdam)

Gilles Blanchard (Paris)

Ingo Steinwart (Stuttgart)

12. Nonparametric and asymptotic statistics (Chairs: Ursula Müller, Tatyana Krivobokova)

Hajo Holzmann (Marburg)

Jan Johannes (Heidelberg)

Enno Mammen (Heidelberg)

Alexander Meister (Rostock)

Angelika Rohde (Freiburg)

13. Statistical methodology (Chairs: Alexander Meister, Mathias Trabs)

Aurore Delaigle (Melbourne)

Sasha Goldenshluger (Haifa)

Cristina Butucea (Paris)

14. S(P)DEs: Theory and Numerics (Chairs: Arnulf Jentzen, Thomas Kruse)

Patrick Cheridito (Zürich)

Andreas Eberle (Bonn)

Martin Hutzenthaler (Duisburg-Essen)

Michaela Szölgyenyi (Klagenfurt)

Larisa Yaroslavtseva (Passau)