The 2021 GPSD will be held virtually. In the mornings you can watch the prerecorded talks on YouTube, during the afternoons of the conference week we will have

  • two plenary talks,

  • invited live talks,

  • 200 prerecored contributed talks in 14 sections (available on YouTube for everyone),

  • live discussions for all prerecorded talks.

Live plenary talks

  • Monday: Caroline Uhler (MIT) on "Your dreams may come true with MTP2"

  • Thursday: Ronen Eldan (Weizmann Institute) on "Analysis of high-dimensional systems via pathwise techniques"

Prerecorded contributed talks

All videos of prerecorded contributed talks will be linked in the list of prerecorded talks. Videos will be online one week before the symposium, just click the link and the video will open. During the live discussion sessions the speakers have the opportunity to discuss their prerecorded talks with the audience.

Invited session talks

All discussion sessions of contributed prerecorded talks will be started with an invited 20 minute live talk.